Supply Chain Assurance Manager

Anne-Laurence joined ASC in December 2017, and is based in Hochiminh city, Vietnam.In Vietnam since 2001, Anne-Laurence worked successively for a research institute (CIRAD, project on pangasius), for a premix supplier (Nutriway), and for Anova Seafood BV, a Dutch seafood trading company, first as Quality Assurance manager of the Vietnam office, and afterwards as technical officer for Asia. She activelyparticipated in the early days of standards development (Globalgap, Pangasius Aquaculture Dialogue group, Tilapia Aquaculture Dialogue group, ASC Technical Advisory Group), while looking for Asian aquaculture products that had the potential to enter western markets.In 2009 Anne-Laurence joined Vinh Hoan Corp, a leading pangasius producer based in Mekong delta, to work on certification. And from 2010 to 2016, she worked for Regal Springs Tilapia, a vertically integrated Tilapia producer. Initially in charge of certification, she was then appointed to work on coordinating production in Indonesia with sales in USA/Europe, while continuing to oversee farms certification.Anne-Laurence graduated from National Agronomic Institute in Paris, with a master in zootechnics. She has always been interested in improving the image and perception of aquaculture, convinced that it is one of the most sustainable way of producing food. As a member of the integrity program team, she works on ensuring ASC standards are well understood and applied accordingly.

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