Bertrand has 20 years of experience as a journalist and editor covering the global seafood industry. He studied biology (MSc in Biology of Populations & Genetics) at the University of Lyon II (France) and Natural Resources Management in the UK (Postgraduate diploma, Univ. of Leicester), before attending La Sorbonne Nouvelle, in Paris, where he obtained a Masters in bilingual/foreign correspondent journalism.

He has put his knowledge to use as a foreign correspondent (Eire & Northern Ireland, covering the N.I. peace process in 1994-98), science journalist & translator, educational books editor, and cultural bias reviewer. In the  late 1990s, Bertrand was one of the shareholders and three co-founders of IntraFish, chief editor of, and was the launch-editor of its newspaper. In 2003, he created, a sustainable seafood intelligence portal covering environmental, political and economic issues regarding seafood with a strong focus on ‘sustainability’ and ‘sustainable seafood’.

In line with his advocacy for increased corporate social responsibility and transparency in the seafood industry, Bertrand created a yearly benchmark of the global Salmon Farming/Fish Feed industry (‘Top 35′) and Top 100 seafood firms that both identified and assessed the level of proactive sustainability reporting displayed by by key players in the seafood industry. The 2011-2017 benchmarks (#SeafoodEthics) became the salmon aquaculture & seafood industry reference for assessing the world’s largest firms’ transparency and sustainability reporting performances.

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