I like to describe my life as a beautiful journey.

I was born in the metropolitan area of Milan and raised between my hometown and the beautiful Tuscany’s hills, close to the Ligurian sea laying between the Italian riviera and Corsica. At the age of 20 I took a ‘trip’ around the world which started in the UK where I graduated in Travel & Tourism management; here I got inspired by multiculturism and I got encouraged to carry on my tour to the far east.

After a decade of adventurous work between middle east and southeast Asia, within the distribution of foods and beverages in the leisure channels, I returned to Europe in 2017, since then Amsterdam is my new home, where I also met my life partner, who is also Italian.

Lately I enjoyed working within the sustainable, certified aquaculture industry, developing new global markets and brands for SME white fish farm such as Cobia and Seriola Lalandi, more recently for an innovative family-owned salmon farm in Norway, where I familiarized with certifications schemes and their value.

I am a foodie and consider myself a traveler; I also enjoy spending time in nature cycling and swimming, and for my own piece of mind and the people around me;   I enjoy practicing yoga on a regular basis.

I look forward to making a little contribution to our planet, while serving the European team at ASC in my new role of regional market manager, while expanding our presence in new territories, such as south and east Europe, while finding new ways to improve our current offer.

“The biggest threat that our planet is facing is believing that someone will take care of it” join us and make the difference!

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