Monitoring and Evaluation Data Analyst

The past six years, Hans has been a scientist in marine ecology in Denmark (at the Danish Technical University and Roskilde University). He mainly worked on cultivation, behaviour and ecophysiology of zooplankton and phytoplankton. He did a lot of laboratory experiments and field work and, during the past years, he has also been teaching students. Before moving to Denmark, he finished a MSc in Sustainable Development in Utrecht and a BSc in Environmental Science in Den Bosch (NL). During his BSc and MSc, he touched pretty diverse topics, from ground water pollution to water quality in recirculating aquaculture systems. He believes that the red line through most of his work was the interface between technology and biology. Last summer, he moved back to the Netherlands with his wife and little daughter. They live in Den Haag, near the dunes and beach which he enjoys as much as possible. Further, he really enjoys drawing (both recreational and research related stuff).

Confidental Infomation