Programme Assurance Manager

Jennifer joined the ASC team in January 2020. Before ASC, Jennifer worked for 11 years in a leading CAB based in Ireland as an Auditor & Technical Manager. Her role include:  technical review of audit reports, certification decision making entity, training, witnessing and calibration of the audit team to assess competency. She also provided technical support and advice to auditors and internal team members.

Jennifer was also the Scheme Manager for a number of globally recognised standards namely IFFO RS and Best Aquaculture Practices standards (BAP). Within this role, standard owner requirements, procedures and policies were implemented and maintained within the CAB.

Jennifer is a qualified Lead auditor with a background in Food Safety, she was a full time auditor for 7 years and in that time has audited globally across many standards including BRC Global Standard for Food Safety, ASC & MSC Chain of Custody, IFFO RS (Responsible Supply of Marine Ingredients) and Certified Quality Aquaculture standard.

Jennifer has 6 year direct Industry experience and started her career in the food industry as an Internal Auditor and Account Technical Manager.

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