Head of Supply Chain Assurance

Dr John Wigglesworth has been academically trained in Marine Biology and has had an understanding of the importance of aquatic conservation since 1981, however rather than going into classic academia after his PhD in Marine Biology, he went into the aquaculture industry and worked in seafood production for 10 years. During this time he gained firsthand knowledge of  the environmental issues that face that industry, from mangrove destruction, to social issue, to issues of sustainable sourcing of fishmeal source for feeds…John lived the industry.

After spending time in production John was Seafood Director for a seafood importer The Mazzetta Company LLC and then Red Lobster and all Darden concepts during which he interacted with NGO’s, vendors, and industry based seafood organizations such as the National Fisheries Institute and the GAA. During that time John undertook a 3rd degree in Food Science Safety and Health because he understood the importance of food safety in the economy and the seafood industry. This underlines his experience in seafood traceability where provenance is paramount.

John brings an understanding of the importance of effective partnerships to drive sustainability, and he did that working with the largest seafood casual dining company in the world, and working with major seafood importers in the USA. He has supported aquaculture imports for food service, national accounts, retail grocery and club sales. During that time John was elected to the standards oversight committee of the GAA for 3 years where he worked to refine standards for multiple species, advancing sustainable seafood production.

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