Senior Coordinator – GHG Emissions

Rob Parker joined ASC in 2021 to develop tools for measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions in aquaculture production systems and supply chains.

Using life cycle assessment and other biophysical accounting tools, Rob has previously worked on energy use, greenhouse gas emissions, and other environmental impacts of fishery and aquaculture systems in academia, as a consultant with producers, and in collaboration with industry groups and non-governmental organizations. His PhD studies at the University of Tasmania produced an overview of current understanding of fuel inputs to global fisheries and an estimate of the carbon footprint of the global marine fishing industry. In addition to his global studies, his work has explored the energy and environmental performance of fisheries for Antarctic krill, small pelagic fishes for meal and oil, tunas, and rock lobsters in Australia and New Zealand, as well as marine- and land-based farmed salmonids.

Together with Peter Tyedmers at Dalhousie University, Rob co-manages a database of fuel inputs to wild capture fisheries called the Fisheries Energy Use Database (FEUD). His recent postdoctoral work at Dalhousie University produced an extensive database of life cycle assessment literature across all food systems to support methodological development and regional and global analyses of emissions from food production and consumption.

Rob is originally from and currently based in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Key papers and reports:

Hallström, E., Bergman, K., Mifflin, K., Parker, R., Tyedmers, P., Troell, M., & Ziegler, F. (2019). Combined climate and nutritional performance of seafoods. Journal of cleaner production, 230, 402-411.

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Parker, R., & Tyedmers, P. (2015). Fuel consumption of global fishing fleets: current understanding and knowledge gaps. Fish and Fisheries, 16(4), 684-696.

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