On 16th May ASC hosted a cooking demonstration at SIAL 2018 in Shangai, China. SIAL is Asia’s largest food innovation exhibition and this year ASC attended for the first time to introduce the programme to more than 100,000 attendees from 67 countries.

ASC introduced themselves to the attendees with an information session and cooking demonstration by Chef Jin Liang. More than a hundred professionals including food buyers and suppliers watched as Chef Jin used his renowned culinary skills and the finest ingredients to prepare colorful, tasty, ASC certified seafood delicacies.

The cooking workshop was organised in collaboration with four ASC certified aquaculture companies including Dalian Ocean Island Fisheries, Dalian Ruichi, Liaoning Ande Foods and Baiyang Investment Group, who kindly provided the ASC certified seafood. During the workshop, representatives from the companies shared how the ASC Standards have been strictly followed in all the different production phases including farming, processing, and distribution.

The ASC requires all companies processing certified seafood to have traceability systems in place that ensure that no product mixing or substitution can occur. This assures consumers and seafood-buyers that ASC labelled products come from a certified responsible farm.


Published on
Thursday, 24 May 2018
Confidental Infomation