Our approach

We work with scientists, conservation groups, NGOs, aquaculture producers, seafood processors, retail and foodservice companies and consumers to recognise and reward responsible aquaculture.

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Why certify aquaculture

Meeting the challenge of feeding a growing global population.

What makes us different?

Our robust programme is built on a set of core principles.


We cannot achieve our mission on our own.

Our standards

Our standards for responsible aquaculture address the key environmental impacts of aquaculture.

Programme improvements

We are continuously working on improving our standards and supporting framework.

Group certification

Helping small-scale farmers implement responsible practices.

New Standards & Reviews

New standards are being developed for feed, flatfish and tropical marine finfish; and for an aligned standard based on the current farm standards. Reviews are also under way for the Shrimp, Freshwater trout, Pangasius and Salmon (PTI, Smolt) standards.

Programme assurance

Find out how we ensure that our standards are effectively implemented and audited.

How we make a difference

Our case studies of farms that we’ve worked with show the improvements they’ve made to meet ASC’s standards.

Making a difference

From the farmer

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