We seek to not only listen to diverse opinions but also to represent this with balance in our governance structure. Representatives from the private and public sector—including academia, NGO’s, and the industry — serve on the ASC Supervisory Board and we aim to maintain an equal balance always.

The ASC also convenes a Technical Advisory Group (TAG) that guides both the ASC Supervisory Board. The group focuses on technical matters related to the ASC programme such as the farm standards, chain of custody and certification and accreditation requirements. Members are selected for their technical expertise and, as before, a balance of industry and non-industry representatives are sought.

The minutes of Older Technical Advisory Group (TAG) meetings are available here.

Technical Working Groups

Technical Working Groups and Ad-hoc advisory groups will also be convened from time to time to ensure the ASC has formal guidance from technical experts from across ASC’s stakeholders for specific standards or process updates. Currently, the ASC has several Technical Working Groups working to develop revised requirements for Principle 2 of the aligned ASC Farm Standard. A Steering Committee for Feed Standard Development is still operational as this standard moves towards operationalisation. Membership lists are available below:

Benthic Impacts Revision
TWG ToR Benthic Impact Revision
TWG Member List Benthic Impacts Revision & Ad-Hoc Group

Farm Standard – P2 Antibiotics and other Veterinary Drugs
TWG Member List Farm Standard – P2 Antibiotics and other Veterinary Drugs

Feed CAR
TWG ToR Feed CAR Due Diligence 2020
TWG ToR Feed CAR Mass Balance 2020
TWG Member List Feed CAR

Fish Welfare
TWG ToR Fish Welfare

Mangroves and other Wetlands
TWG Member List Mangroves and other Wetlands

Salmon Standard Review
TWG ToR Salmon Standard Review – Sea Lice
TWG Member List Salmon Standard Review – Sea Lice

Water Quality
TWG ToR Water Quality
TWG Member List Water Quality

Advisory Group ToR Risk Management Framework
Advisory Group of Experts Member List Risk Management Framework

What we do


The ASC Supervisory Board

Two new industry representatives are being recruited.


Øyvind Oaland

Mowi Global Director for Research and Development

Scott Nichols (chair)

CEO & Founder, Food's Future

José Villalon

Corporate Sustainability Director, Nutreco


Richard Holland

Director of Operations and Network Development at Wetlands International

Katrina Nakamura

founder, Sustainability Incubator

Ha Do Thuy

Hand in Hand Sweden

Merrielle Macleod

Manager on the WWF-US Aquaculture team, Aquaculture, World Wildlife Fund

Technical Advisory Group


Petter Arnesen (chair)

The Norwegian Federation of Industries

Neil Sims

Kampachi Farms


Dane Klinger

Conservation International

Rochelle Zaid

Social Accountability International


Peter Cook

University of Western Australia

Halley Froelich

National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) [USA]

Kevan Main

Mote Marine Laboratory

Crawford Revie

University of Strathclyde

Peter Tydemers

Dalhousie University

Claudia Venegas

VESO Chile

Wei Wei You

Xiamen University

representatives (non-voting)

Paul Macintyre

Lloyds Register

Steering Committee - Feed Standard Development


Trygve Berg-Lea

Skretting Group

Eduardo Goycoolea

Blumar Seafoods/GSI Partner

Vidar Gundersen


Tor Eirik Homme

Grieg Seafood/GSI Partner

Andrew Jackson


Dave Robb


Liu Yi-Sung

Grobest Vietnam

Pichaiyut Tachapong

CP Thailand


Dawn Purchase

Marine Conservation Society

Blake Lee-Harwood

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership

Henk Peters

Oxfam Novib

Merrielle Macleod

Manager on the WWF-US Aquaculture team, Aquaculture, World Wildlife Fund

Confidental Infomation