Location: UK or NL
Period: Permanent
Salary and benefits: Commensurate with experience
Contract: Full time position
Department: Marketing Communications
Reporting to: Head of Brand 

 The ASC is an independent certification programme established to help address some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time. 

 What we do
We set and operate global standards for aquaculture to identify farms that have met the highest standards for environmentally and socially responsible practices. The ASC traceability controls throughout the supply chain ensure the provenance of ASC certified and labelled products.  

 How we make a difference
Purchase of ASC certified seafood helps to provide billions of people with cleaner, healthier, and safer farm-raised seafood. It helps to conserve and restore the world’s oceans, coasts and wildlife and improve the lives of seafood farmers and local communities in the developing world. 

 How we operate
ASC acts in the marketplace to increase the awareness, value, demand, and distribution of ASC certified seafood. We work with aquaculture producers, seafood processors, retail and foodservice companies, scientists, conservation groups and the public globally to promote the best environmental and social choice in farmed seafood. For more information go to www.asc-aqua.org 

 The ASC is currently implementing organisation-wide outputs of a strategy review including expanding and augmenting the ASC marketing and communications function, and improving the integration of the ASC brand, its identity, strategies and workstreams with the other ASC teams.  

 Why this position now?
To build and maintain awareness and support at the level required to bring about significant, verifiable change in global aquaculture, the ASC must be clear and consistent in the promotion of the unique set of programme advantages, differentiation, and associations that represent all that the ASC stands for and promises i.e., the ASC must implement and strengthen its Brand Identity across all target markets and stakeholder groups.  

 Purpose of the role:
To ensure that everything the ASC does and says that is market facing and that supports market facing aspects, is focused on improving stakeholder associations, attitude, and activation by: 

  • Leading the development and management of an ASC brand community and knowledge hub that promotes brand clarity, differentiation, connection, and consistency across the organisation 
  • Supporting the continuous development, testing, and improvement of the ASC brand identifiers, identity, positioning & messaging 
  • Leading the development of ASC’s global brand vehicles & assets 
  • Developing and maintaining brand guidelines and inspiration that supports integration of the brand identity into work across the organisation  
  • Supporting the development and delivery of organisation-wide assets, messages, and other content that increase the value and positioning of the ASC at both a local and global level 

 Through the elaboration and implementation of our band identity across all stakeholder engagement globally and locally you will strengthen audience resonance and bring the ASC brand to life. 


Brand development 

  • Working across the organisation, lead the development and maintenance of global stakeholder brand journeys including the identification of stakeholder activities, needs, frustrations and brand touchpoints at key stages of engagement 
  • Continually monitor stakeholder feedback and research and transform insights into more effective journeys 
  • Carry out and maintain competitor brand analysis and feed differentiation insights into ASC’s positioning development 
  • Together with the Head of Brand and the Brand Team, support the development and strengthening of ASC’s global brand positioning 
  • Together with the Brand Team develop and maintain Brand Identity Guidelines for the ASC, its partners, and agencies 
  • Together with the Brand Team develop and maintain Brand Inspiration toolkits for the ASC, its partners, and agencies  
  • Support the tailoring of the ASC positioning (a targeted, insight-based subset of the ASC brand identity) to meet different market and stakeholder needs 
  • Together with the Brand Community, perform audience testing of brand, positioning, value propositions and messaging to optimise for audiences and countries 
  • Help develop and promote a deep organisational understanding of the arena in which the ASC operated in the specific context of the ASC brand 

 Brand execution 

  • Lead and create engagement both internally and externally in our brand strategy, identity, differentiation, and impact 
  • Together with the Brand Community, lead the integration of ASC’s positioning into everything we do across design, messaging, media, partnerships, events, endorsements, website, social and digital media, press releases and other engagement 
  • Together with the Brand Reputation manager develop a branding opportunity calendar of key strategic events, partnerships, and moments to promote and strengthen the ASC’s leadership positioning to a global audience 
  • Together with the Brand team lead the planning and delivery of key global brand events and assets 
  • Together with the Brand Community oversee the planning, organisation, scheduling and production of inspirational materials, events and assets that empower and motivate all stakeholders in all markets to act 

 Monitoring and Evaluation 

  • Support the development and then management of an ASC brand community to deliver cross-team brand governance 
  • Support the development and then management of a cross-team process to monitor and manage brand clarity, differentiation, connection, and consistency across the organisation 
  • Together with the Brand Community, develop audience research and testing processes to optimise brand resonance in development stages and post execution 
  • Together with the Head of Brand develop audience research and testing to usefully measure consumer and market brand equity 

 Measures of success 

  • Increasing organisational brand clarity, consistency, differentiation, and connection 
  • Increasing brand awareness, attitude, associations, and activation with audiences in key markets 
  • Sustained, consistent and integrated application of the brand’s identity across all teams, communication channels and materials 
  • Audience insights a feature of brand positioning and asset development 
  • Increasing alignment of what we want audiences to think about the ASC (Brand identity) with what audiences actually think about the ASC (Brand Image) 
  • Evidence that the brand identity is influencing audience perceptions and behaviour, Consumer- and Market-Based Brand Equity) 

*This list is a summary of the main responsibilities of the role and is not exhaustive and the post holder may be required to undertake other duties from time to time. 

Role requirements: 

Management level competencies 

  • Local and global Brand development 
  • Strategy development and planning 
  • Research development and analysis 
  • Project planning and cross-team organisation
  • Brand asset planning and development (digital and traditional) 
  • Brand monitoring and evaluation 

 Fundamental knowledge and skills 

  • High level written and spoken English (all materials will be in English)
  • Previous, high level brand/communications/marketing experience 
  • Collaborative and stakeholder focused, preferably with experience in dealing with various stakeholder groups in responsible aquaculture 
  • Technical/Science based writing experience and the ability to distil complex information and make it concise and accessible for a variety of audiences 
  • To be able to work efficiently in a highly pressured environment 
  • Self-driven, results oriented with a positive outlook 
  • Clear focus on high quality service and return on investment 
  • Educated to degree level or equivalent relevant professional brand, research, marketing communications experience, (with relevant professional qualification) 
  • Experience of working closely with senior colleagues and strong experience of building networks and relationships to deliver results 
  • Experience of working with external design/advertising/branding agencies 
  • Experience of developing surveys, collecting research and developing insights 
  • Very strong communication skills, both verbal and written, demonstrating accuracy and attention to detail 
  • Very strong design skills 
  • Good interpersonal skills across communication channels and in meetings with ability to influence and handle sensitive situations 
  • IT skills including use of communication and project management software, content management, word processing, design, and image editing 
  • Good interpersonal judgement and ability to interpret and act on information 
  • Ability to prioritise and manage own workload effectively but also to be flexible and adapt/respond to emerging issues, short deadlines and other demands or challenges 
  • Experience of operating in an international group or matrix structure would be advantageous 


What we do

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