Responsible to:                     Global Lead Producer Outreach

Salary and benefits:             Commensurate with experience

Contract:                                Part-time (5 days per month or 2 days/ week); Consultancy contract

Location:                                South East India

Date written:                          August 2021

About ASC

ASC is an independent, not-for-profit organisation established in 2010. We now have over 70 employees working all around the world, to set and operate global standards for responsible aquaculture by promoting certified farmed products to consumers, through the use of our logo.

The aquaculture industry is growing strongly and is already supplying more than half of all seafood consumed worldwide, but this growing demand increases the environmental and social footprint associated with this expansion. The ASC certification and labelling programme incentivise improved farming practices by promoting the benefits of responsibly farmed seafood and encourages an industry towards achieving environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

We work with aquaculture producers, seafood processors, retail and foodservice companies, scientists, conservation groups and the public globally to promote the best environmental and social choice in farmed seafood. For more information go to

Job summary

The Producer Outreach coordinator will be responsible for maintaining and increasing certified production (farms and feed mills) in the country to meet the growing demand for ASC labbeled products in our priority markets.

The position’s primary goals are to expand certified supply (farms and feed mills) by securing and deeping the commitment of producers, processors and feed mills to ASC certification. This is achieved by building effective working relationships with existing and new clients, enhancing the quality of our producer outreach and support services and by engaging with critical other stakeholders such as e.g. government in the country.

The job combines the need to convey the commercial value of the ASC programme towards producers, processors and feed mills, as well as the need to support them in understanding our standards, certification process and certification methodologies. The role requires a good understanding of how a third party certification programme such as the ASC works. The ASC is currently developing our ASC Improver Programme which will provide a framework Aquaculture Improvement Projects. The scope of the work focusses on aquaculture producers and feed, with a strong focus on shrimp farming/ processing. Therefore we are seeking an experienced individual in this sector in the country.

 Main responsibilities

  • Conduct outreach to farms, processing companies and feed mills promoting the value of certification and the ASC logo and increased uptake of certification
  • Account manager for local Deep clients as defined in Markets Nested Logframe
  • Serve as first contact responding to inquiries of farmers and feed mills regarding ASC requirements, our certification methodologies (multi-site, group), ASC logo use and all other issues with ASC certification process
  • Respond to questions of processors about Chain of Custody certification and the benefits of using the ASC logo
  • Maintain the relations with certified farms/ producers and processors, connect their supply to markets/ buyers and facilitate them in their needs within the remit of your role, so they continue to see value of being certified and persuade them to use the ASC logo on all their products
  • Regularly inform certified producers, processing companies and feed mills (certificate holders) about the uptake of ASC in the market and about relevant changes in the programme
  • Deliver workshops to producers, processors and feed mills to explain the value of ASC certification and the ASC logo and build capacity to prepare for certification
  • Encourage and facilitate certified producers, processors and other local stakeholders (such as NGOs, seafood industry associations, aquaculture experts, academics and the government) to participate in the public consultations of the the ASC programme
  • Develop a local network with aquaculture service providers and enable connections with farms to facilitate preparation for certification or the development of improvement projects (AIPs)
  • Strengthen our intelligence about the farming sector in your country, map the trade flows of farmed products into domestic and overseas markets highlighting the opportunities and target companies to increase ASC certified supply to meet demand
  • Maintain the ASC outreach contacts database for your country
  • Collaborate with colleagues in the ASC Market Development Team to maximize leverage from the market/ buyers to engage producers in your country
  • Act as the on the ground representative for the ASC programme and promote the programme locally with other relevant stakeholders such as the industry associations and government and seek opportunities and synergies for alignment and collaboration
  • Provide advice and support through briefings, submissions and reports to ASC staff as needed

Key qualifications

  • Relevant qualifications, preferably a university degree in aquaculture, marine biology or food science
  • Relevant shrimp farm production or certification (auditing) experience in aquaculture

Required skills and experience

  • Proven relevant working experience (shrimp farming or auditing experience)
  • Indepth understanding of the aquaculture sector and supply chain in your country
  • Profound knowledge of aquaculture certification schemes in general and ASC in particular
  • Established network of relations with key producers and processors in the country, but also industry associations, the government and local NGOs and consultants supporting the sector
  • An engaging and trustworthy personality able to work collaboratively with high integrity
  • Being able to explain in meetings technical details of the third-party certification programme in an understandable way, and at the same be present and solid to manoeuvre discussions in a direction that builds support for the role of ASC certification in making aquaculture responsible
  • Strong focus on the delivery of excellent customer services with a diplomatic approach and appearance
  • Strong interpersonal and influencing skills, as evidenced by your ability to cultivate and manage relationships with partners
  • Excellent verbal communication skills having the natural ability to interact with a diverse range in seniority of staff within target companies
  • Strong project management, planning and time-management skills with a pro-active “can-do” personality with willingness to take initiative to improve current practice
  • Well-developed analytical and systematic problem-solving skills, demonstrating sound reasoning abilities and logical decision making also while working under pressure
  • Ability to work as part of a globally operating team, but also the skills and character to work remotely
  • An understanding of global trends and environmental and / or social issues in seafood sustainability and the role that certification plays in driving positive change
  • Fluent in English
  • An above all a positive, enthusiastic and fun colleague to work with!

Application and selection process

Please e-mail your cover letter and CV (in English) via:

Your CV and cover letter will be reviewed and a short list of candidates will be invited to take part in initial interviews. Successful candidates might be asked to prepare additional written materials and/or a presentation.

ASC take data protection very seriously. We will only use any personal information you may choose to give us in connection with your application for this position. In the event that your application is unsuccessful we will keep your personal information for 6 months, in case any other vacancies arise for which we think you may be suitable. For more information please read our privacy policy, which can be found here;

We want to be an inclusive and diverse employer of first choice reflecting the global community and therefore particularly welcome applications from all under represented groups.

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