The world’s appetite for seafood is growing fast. The aquaculture industry is already supplying more than half of seafood consumed worldwide, but meeting that need increases its environmental and social footprint.

That’s why we are working hard to encourage responsible farming practices, and to promote the benefits of responsibly farmed seafood. Our case studies you hear from farms which have joined our programme and what benefits they have experienced through meeting the ASC standards. Here are some examples:

Commercial Studies farmers

  • Klaas-Jan Mazereeuw

    Quality Assurance Manager Seafood Connection
    We were convinced ASC would have an impact. And this has proven to be the case in the last year, especially in the Netherlands.
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  • Harry Hoogendoorn

    Managing Director Queens
    the ASC certification benefits our reputation in the market. Market players now proactively approach us.
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  • Heiko Lenk

    Managing Director Lenk Seafood Services
    We became involved with ASC because we believed in it right away.
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Salmon farmers

  • Linda Sams

    Head of Sustainability Tassal
    Having ASC certification really allows us to instil pride in our organisation and to instil operational excellence in what we do.
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Shrimp farmers

  • Nha Nguyen

    Deputy Director UT XI Aquatic Products Processing Corporation
    Our customers not only want a quality product but they also want assurance that the products they are buying are responsibly produced.
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Tilapia farmers

  • Andre M. Brugger

    Vice President of the Brzailian Institute for Sustainable Development Netuno
    ASC certification validates our ongoing effort to directly improve the quality of our products, minimise the negative impacts on the environment, and provide a healthy workplace for the development of our employees.
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