The world’s appetite for seafood is growing fast. The aquaculture industry is already supplying more than half of seafood consumed worldwide, but meeting that need increases its environmental and social footprint.

That’s why we are working hard to encourage responsible farming practices, and to promote the benefits of responsibly farmed seafood. Our case studies you hear from farms which have joined our programme and what benefits they have experienced through meeting the ASC standards. Here are some examples:

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Finfish farmers

  • Tyler Korte

    Vice President of Marine Operations Blue Ocean Mariculture
    The ASC certification standards are a wonderful tool to ensure that our decisions and best practices have a positive impact on our customers and waters.
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Salmon farmers

  • Rosie Curtis

    Farm Manager Maclean’s Nose
    It’s a tough certificate to get, so I will display my certificate with pride.
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Shrimp farmers

  • Nilda Saldise Ravelo

    Head of Corporate Social Responsibility Omarsa
    By educating the people in our communities, we are hoping that they will form and become part of Omarsa, that way ensuring that they have a better future for themselves and their families—keeping them away from drugs, away from gangs, and from bad influences.
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