ASC certified seafood is raised to meet the highest standards for environmentally and socially responsible practices. ASC traceability controls ensure the provenance of certified farmed seafood.

ASC acts in the marketplace to increase the awareness, value, demand, and distribution of ASC certified seafood. As demand grows, there is an incentive for producers to pursue the recognition and reward that ASC certification offers. As more producers achieve certification, more seafood is farmed responsibly.

This process leads to an aquaculture system that produces more fish for more people with the most responsible environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

The ASC logo:

  • Reassures consumers they’re making a responsible purchase
  • Rewards certified farms for their responsible practises
  • Increases global demand and market access for certified seafood
  • Helps protect our environment and secure the livelihoods of local communities
  • Ensures the ongoing availability of seafood for future generations

Longer term, it also incentivises non-certified farms to work harder to reduce any damaging environmental and social impacts.

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What we do

Theory of change

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