ASC’s certification programme rewards responsible farming practices and creates change through four linked initiatives:

  • The ASC standards, which assess whether farms are operating responsibly
  • The promotion and recognition of responsible farming practices through the use of a consumer facing logo that influences consumer choice
  • The use of outreach and marketing to create demand for ASC labelled products
  • Collaboration to increase demand and market access for certified seafood via consumer purchasing preference



Our logo

The use of the ASC logo is a key part of our effort to move the aquaculture industry toward sustainability. The logo provides companies with a competitive advantage and is proof of achievement in a market leading programme for the production of responsibly farmed seafood.

Importantly, the ASC logo sends a strong message about the environmental and social integrity of the product on which it appears and sets it apart as the best choice for farmed seafood. It empowers buyers to support farmers who share their values and gives them confidence that their purchase has been responsibly sourced, with a minimal negative impact on society and the environment, and is fully traceable back to a well-managed farm.

Each time a certified product is purchased, the demand for responsible aquaculture grows and other farms are encouraged to achieve certification to enjoy an advantaged position in the marketplace.

What we do


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