What can the ASC logo do for you?

Farmer, supply chain and retail:

The ASC logo recognises responsibly farmed seafood and rewards you.

  • It communicates your good business practices.
  • By demonstrating your commitment to responsible aquaculture, it boosts your reputation.
  • It assures transparency, so that seafood products are traceable from farm to fork.
  • It helps farmers access new markets, and helps protect existing markets by maintaining ‘buyers preference’.
  • By linking consumers to production, the ASC logo adds value to seafood products, throughout the supply chain.


The ASC logo gives consumers absolute assurances of provenance and quality:

  • It helps consumers make positive environmentally and socially responsible choices when shopping for seafood.
  • It gives at-a-glance reassurance that the seafood comes from a farm which uses responsible farming methods that minimise environmental and social impacts.
  • It lets consumers enjoy seafood with a clear conscience; they know where it’s come from and how it’s been produced.

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