ASC Logo User Guide gives consumers confidence that they are choosing fish and seafood products that are fully traceable and have been independently certified as farmed responsibly.

The ASC Logo User Guide sets out the rules governing use of the logo and explains how Chain of Custody certified supply chain organisations can employ the logo for maximum impact, ensuring that public awareness around the world continues to grow.

Guidance on logo use for different users – certified farms, accredited certifiers, non-commercial organisations and the media – can be found at ASC logo rules for different user groups.

Farmers and processors who wants to display the ASC logo on non-consumer facing (NCF) packaging can refer to the ASC Logo User Guide non-consumer facing (NCF) use. ‘Non-consumer’ in this context means products sourced from an ASC certified producer that is packaged in bulk, sold as ingredient and not directly to general consumers.

ASC has a responsibility to regulate the logo to maintain a clear, consistent message and protect the investment made in the logo by our certified farmers and supply chain partners. As a certification mark and trademark, strict rules govern the display of the ASC logo, both on-product and off-product. It is in the interest of all users to follow these guidelines, so that the logo retains its integrity and value. It should also be noted that obtaining a Chain of Custody Certificate does not automatically guarantee the granting of a logo licence agreement. 

The Marine Stewardship Council International – which is the separate trading arm of the MSC – acts as the ASC’s agent regarding the licensing and administration of the ASC logo. As our agent they issue, on behalf of the ASC, logo licence agreements and approve logo use on products.

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