Farm standards

Our standards set strict requirements for responsible farming, which encourage seafood producers to minimise the key environmental and social impacts of aquaculture. The current eleven ASC standards cover 17 species groups: abalone; bivalves (clams, mussels, oyster, scallop); flatfish, freshwater trout; pangasius; salmon; seabass, seabream, meagre; seriola and cobia; shrimp; tilapia, and tropical marine finfish. There is also a joint ASC-MSC standard for seaweed.

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The ASC-MSC Seaweed Standard sets a number of requirements for seaweed harvesting and farming practices


The ASC Feed Standard sets social and environmental requirements for responsible factory practices and ingredients used in aquafeed


Our Chain of Custody certification ensures that ASC labelled seafood comes from a certified responsible farm

Creation of our initial standards

Our initial standards are the outcome of eight multi-stakeholder round-tables, the Aquaculture Dialogues
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