The feed standard aims to minimise the environmental and social impacts of the production of feed and feed ingredients whilst maintaining economically viable for the industry.

Contact person: Michiel Fransen

The feed standard

Aquaculture is the fastest-growing animal protein production sector in the world. Of all farmed species, 70 per cent are dependent on feed to complete their production cycle. The production of feed for aquaculture puts ever increasing pressure on the available resources. With a finite amount of arable land and wild fish, the responsible use of these resources is increasingly important. One tool to help recognise and reward more responsible aquaculture feed is the development and implementation of a global feed standard.

The principles, criteria and indicators of the feed standard will be verified at the feed mill level. Even though applied on this level, the standard will contribute to the protection of the environment in areas where raw material for key ingredients are produced, whilst recognising that feed mills and their suppliers are not solely responsible for protecting the health of the ecosystem.

Timelines and important dates

  • Project start up
  • Public consultation – Terms of reference (see below)
    20 January – 20 February 2014
  • Public consultation – 1st draft (see below)
    30 June – 11 September 2015
  • Public consultation – 2nd draft (see below)
    21 August – 21 October 2017
  • Release
    Summer 2018


Feed standard documentation

Public consultation II

Start date:
21 August 2017
Closing date:
21 October 2017

Consultation documents II

Public consultation I

Start date:
30 June 2015
Closing date:
11 September 2015

Consultation documents I

Initial Draft - ASC Responsible Feed Standard:
ASC Responsible Feed Standard_v0.1_FINAL

Received stakeholder feedback on initial draft ASC Responsible Feed Standard:

Overview all received written feedback:
Feedback Form_Public Consultation 1_FINAL

Summary of received written feedback:
Summary stakeholder feedback

Overview of received feedback during workshops:
PCP 1_Workshops_Attendee feedback

Consultation activities:

Next to digital outreach to stakeholders, there where also 4 regional outreach events organized to elaborate on the initial draft of the ASC Responsible Feed Standard and discuss with stakeholders on the content.

The regional workshops where organised in:

Bangkok (Thailand) - 4 August 2015
Find the presentation here (Thai translated):
Feed Project_Initial Draft_Workshops_Thai

Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) - 5 August 2015
Find the presentation here (Vietnamese translated):
Feed Project_Initial Draft_Workshops_Vietnamese

Guangzhou (China) - 7 August 2015
Find the presentation here (Chinese translated):
Feed Project_Initial Draft_Workshop China

Santiago (Chile) - 11 August 2015
Find the presentation here (Spanish translated):
Feed Project_Initial Draft_Workshops Spanish

The English version of the presentation can be found here:
Feed Project_Initial Draft_Workshops_English

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