A new ASC standard is being developed for Feed and for an ‘aligned’ ASC Farm Standard based on the current farm standards.

NB: Two new (Flatfish and Tropical Marine Finfish) standards were launched on June 26, 2019.

Reviews are also under way for the Shrimp, and the (‘sea lice level’) indicator 3.1.7 of the Salmon standard; a new project on Fish Welfare has been launched in September 2019, and the new ASC Metrics Methodology was launched in March 2020.

NB: Reviews for a) the Pangasius standard and b) the Freshwater trout , for the Parasiticide treatment index (Appendix VII) and Smolt (Section 8) of the Salmon Standard were completed respectively on a) June 26, 2019, and b) July 11, 2019. Please go to those respective standards pages to view the latest versions of the standards.

Standards in Development and Reviews

What we do

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