Being a market-based program, as highlighted in the ASC’s Theory of Change, an important consideration in creating standards for new species is based on the market demand.

Contact person: Michiel Fransen

Standard in development – Flatfish

As one of the new ASC Standards being developed, the draft Flatfish Standard is the result of a gap analysis between the existing standards content and farming practices and performance of the new species; and as such incorporates input and recommendations from NGOs and industry.

The ASC Flatfish standard will be applicable to all species in the genera Paralichthys, Scophthalmus, and Hippoglossus and in all regions globally where these fish are cultured.

This standard establishes principles, criteria, indicators and measurable performance levels for responsible flatfish aquaculture with regard to social and environmental issues. The areas of key potential negative impact that have been identified are: impacts on biodiversity, feed use, anti-biotic use, effluents, disease and parasite transfer, chemical inputs and social impacts (i.e., labor and community impacts).

The ASC develops standards that set real challenges for the industry to achieve. With ASC’s metric approach, together with the best practices of the industry at the time of the standard’s launch, the ASC can make a significant contribution to mitigating aquaculture’s negative social and environmental impacts, especially in countries where such practices are not yet the norm.

Concurrently, the ASC is developing a standard for the production of fish feed used in aquaculture (see Feed Standard) and running a process (see Aligned Standard) to simplify and harmonise the structure of all current standards aiming to improve implementation efficiency, simplify accreditation and auditor training, promote further program uptake and to facilitate the expansion of the farm standards to cover new species and production systems.

Timeline : New Standard – Flatfish

Consultation period:

Aug. 21 - Sept. 21, 2017
Status: Closed

Public Consultation II

Consultation period:

May 31 - July 31 2017
Status: Closed

Public Consultation I


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