Regular operational reviews ensure the continued efficiency of the various ASC standards. They are focused on areas where the performance of a particular standard is not as anticipated, or may not deliver on the intent as set out in the ASC’s Theory of Change.

During some of the most recent review periods, it was determined that improvements would be made to the standards for Salmon (Smolt [Section 8] and PTI [Appendix 7]), Pangasius, Freshwater Trout and Shrimp. Other reviews and projects have since also been initiated (Fish Welfare, Metrics Methodology, Salmon – Sea Lice indicator 3.1.7, Focus on Plastics & Marine Litter etc.). It was not intended that these would constitute full reviews of the standards, rather a focused review on areas where the effectiveness of a particular standard is not as anticipated during the Aquaculture Dialogues or would not deliver on the intent as set out in ASC’s Theory of Change.

Contact person: Michiel Fransen

Review – Shrimp

One of latest revision process regards the Shrimp Standard (public consultation in May 2020). It includes a review of proposed extension of the scope of the standard to include key freshwater species, and the addition of new and/or revised indicators (for both freshwater and marine species).Other related reviews will focus on a new Metrics Methodology, the current antibiotic-related requirements, and of those regarding mangroves. Efforts will be made to review the applicability of these requirements, including the monitoring of antibiotic use and the application of antibiotics in a responsible manner, to establish a unified approach to antibiotics across all ASC Standards.


Review – Freshwater Trout

Since the launch of the Freshwater trout standard, various Variance Requests (VRs) have been received that have illustrated the need to further develop the standard in order to better reflect best management practices for those particular situations. Additionally, this review has considered the certification of Salmon Smolt production within the standard (Section 8, see below). The Freshwater Trout Review was completed on July 11, 2019 with the issuance of the Freshwater Trout Standard v1.2. (Read the press release).

See also: ASC Improves Consistency of its Approach to Assessing Freshwater Salmonids (ASC press release, 11.07.2019)


Review – Pangasius & Salmon

The initial operational reviews of the pangasius and salmon standards that began in 2015 have been completed (June/July 2019) following three rounds of public comment; whilst others have just begun (Salmon – indicator 3.1.7; Fish Health & Welfare). The Pangasius Review was completed on June 26, 2019 with the issuance of the Pangasius Standard v1.2. (read the press release) and the Salmon Standard’s PTI & Smolt Reviews were completed on July 11, 2019 with the issuance of the Salmon Standard v1.3. (Read the press release).

Review – CAR & Social Auditing

ASC has also taken steps to strengthen the assurance system for social audits with additions to the Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR). A public consultation took place in March-May 2019 regarding the inclusion of a new Social Audit Methodology (SAM) that will become part of the CAR.

Contact person: Vân Roetert



Review: Shrimp – Timeline


Review: Salmon – 3.1.7 – Timeline

Project: Fish Welfare


Project: Plastics, Marine Litter & Ghost Gear


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