As we make the transition out of the ‘start-up phase’ – which was marked by a focus on establishing the programme and making our work known to partners and stakeholders— the organisation has added a new team charged with ensuring the programme remains meaningful, effective and robust. 

Programme Assurance was created to provide stakeholders confidence that the ASC Standards are effectively implemented and audited. Members of the team are based in and near key areas including the Netherlands, the United States of America and Vietnam to cover the global scope of the programme as they perform their core duties, which include:

  • Continuously improving ASC  Certification and Accreditation methodologies to add more value to stakeholders
  • Training auditors to deliver audits that meet ASC intent and the market demand
  • Closely collaborating with ASI to effectively and efficiently oversee performance of accredited certification bodies and their auditors
  • Closely collaborating with the MSC – who runs the ASC Chain of Custody certification programme – to ensure product integrity
  • Constantly developing, implementing and improving tools and methodologies to deliver the above services. 


Key Data Element (KDE) project

In line with the ASC’s continuous improvement commitment, the Programme Assurance team has embarked upon a project aimed at introducing the use of technology to improve the digital traceability of ASC certified products. The project involves using and/or developing software to capture and convey key data elements (KDEs) from certified farm origin throughout the supply chain to end consumers. More details about:


Suspended certificates and logo licensees

Go to suspension list


Quality check of ASC audit reports

The Quality Assurance (QA) process ensures that all audit reports (i.e. certification, recertification and surveillance) meet the stated requirements in the ASC Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR) and are understandable to stakeholders. This review is currently being done for both the completeness (Level 1 check – L1) and the content related issues (Level 2 check – L2). Read more 


ASC shrimp product monitoring in Vietnam

In response to concerns on antibiotic contamination, the MSC on behalf of ASC will roll out a 12 month antibiotics sampling program on Vietnamese ASC shrimp at the first point of Chain of Custody (CoC). Read more


Supplier monitoring tool

We are trialing a new web-based tool to collect certified product antibiotic test result data from a range of sources, including certificate holders, government databases and our own sampling.  Submissions are made confidentially into the online reporting tool by responding to several simple questions about the product tested and any antibiotic residue detected. Read more


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