In response to concerns on antibiotic contamination, the MSC on behalf of ASC will roll out a 12 month antibiotics sampling program on Vietnamese ASC shrimp at the first point of Chain of Custody (CoC).

From 1st August 2018, all CoC certificate holders operating in Vietnam that wish to handle ASC Whiteleg shrimp (L.vannamei) will be subject to inspection. Affected CoC companies in this instance shall allow the MSC or ASC, their certification body or a representative from the accreditation body to collect ASC certified products traceback records and samples for product authentication (as per clause 5.5 in CoC Standard v4.0).

As per the ASC Aquaculture Shrimp Standard v1.0, any product receiving medicated feed or antibiotic will not be authorised to carry the ASC label. In this case, contaminated products become non-eligible for sale as ASC, and should be handled following the Chain of Custody(CoC) Standard ‘non-conforming product procedure’.

To learn more about this work, please email Shen Yan Liow (, MSC Supply Chain Standards Manager for Southeast Asia.

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