In line with the ASC’s continuous improvement commitment, the Programme Assurance team is progressing a project using technology to improve the digital traceability of ASC certified products.  

The project involves using software to capture and convey relevant Key Data Elements (KDEs) from certified farm origin throughout the supply chain to end users. The latest KDE list can be downloaded here.  The list of elements will evolve.  Several companies already report in this format. 

Besides providing greater verifiable information to meet industry demands and expectations, the project will enhance supply chain transparency and provide improved assurance on traceability. To achieve this, ASC is working closely with supply chain company partners, stakeholders and global initiatives with aligned objectives.

The ASC project is based on the transfer of data throughout the supply chain: allowing product origin, certification and volume information to travel digitally from one company to the next using a unique code. ASC is working with the Global Dialogue on Seafood Traceability (GDST) and other large-scale seafood traceability initiatives to ensure that the project is aligned and has shared objectives and outcomes. 

Currently, we are preparing the roll-out of the next version of the software in the shrimp supply chain in Vietnam.  Our IT provider for the project is Global Tractability Solutions (GTS). 

The project is not limited to traceability. Some of the data collected focus on integrity and programme assurance, which support traceability as they go hand in hand. For example, stocking data will also be collected meaning that traceability and verification measures begin prior to harvest. This is where we differ from some other schemes.

The project sits in the wider context of other projects that complement each other and help re-enforce traceability and integrity. For instance, we are also assessing and plan to run trials with tools such as farm management software and IoT.  Crucial to this is interoperability, which we aim to achieve by working together with GDST to facilitate data exchange between different software providers and the ASC platforms.  We aim to achieve this by using the EPCIS standard for data exchange. 

ASC will have confidential access to all data collected to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of product integrity investigations and other programme assurance activities, including monitoring and evaluation.  

Ultimately, the integrated KDE project will ensure a higher level of programme assurance through increased farm origin and supply chain data transparency providing registered users with access to relevant information on purchased ASC certified product.   

The initial focus of the project is on shrimp, but this is set to expand to other species. Please feel free to contact the ASC Programme Assurance team for more information and updates on 

On the following page, you can find more information on the data collected and the IT side of the project. 

Page updated April 2022

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