We are using a new web-based tool to collect certified product antibiotic test result data from a range of sources, including certificate holders, government databases and our own sampling.  Submissions are made confidentially into the online reporting tool by responding to several simple questions about the product tested and any antibiotic residue detected.

The results are held in a database, and on a quarterly basis the data is aggregated and reported back to the participating network of submitters. This allows participants to gain insights on trends of antibiotic detection across different suppliers, and avoid suppliers whose products tend to have positive results. Oversight of this information allows ASC to focus attention and resources to higher risk suppliers and products, ultimately improving programme assurance and certified product integrity. The tool is initially focused on antibiotic testing of certified shrimp products, however it is possible to enter results for other species as well.

If you are interested to participate in trialing the Supplier Monitoring Tool, please contact Wendy Banta on the ASC Programme Assurance Team.


Access the Online reporting tool

Online antibiotic test result reporting tool


Webinar: Supplier Monitoring Tool update August 2019



Webinar: Supplier Monitoring Tool

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