Farms and companies that meet ASC’s farm or the MSC Chain of Custody standard are eligible to become certified. Independent conformity assessment bodies (CAB) assess if they comply with the Standards and monitors the certified farms and companies on an on-going basis.

CABs can (temporarily) suspend or (permanently) withdraw a Farm or Chain of Custody certificate if it is determined that a certified entity no longer adheres to the applicable standard(s).

A similar principle applies to companies that have signed an ASC logo licensing agreement. If it is determined that a company does not adhere to the logo licensing terms and conditions, the agreement can be suspended or terminated.

Farm certificate suspension

The farms that have had their Farm certificate suspended can be found through the Certified Farm Search by filtering on ‘Status’ and selecting ‘Suspended’.

Farm Certificates can have one of the following statuses:

  • In assessment – a farm is in its initial audit process. No certificate has been issued yet.
  • Certified- The farm has an active certificate
  • Cancelled- The certificate holder has decided to leave the program and cancel their certificate or initial audit
  • Suspended- The CAB has temporarily suspended the farm certificate because of compliance or administrative reasons 
  • Withdrawn- The CAB has ended a certificate indefinitely because of compliance or administrative reasons. To become certified again the farm has to undergo the initial audit process anew.
  • Expired- The farm had a certificate that is no longer valid and decided not to go for a recertification

Chain of Custody certificate suspension

The companies that have had their Chain of Custody certificate suspended can be found through the Supplier Search by filtering on ‘Status’ and selecting ‘Suspended’.

List of suspended farms and companies

The farms and companies that have had their Farm certificate, Chain of certificate or their logo licensing agreement suspended can also be found in the below table. Please note that the table is updated on a weekly basis. Information may therefore be out-of-date. For the most recent information, please refer to our Farm Search and Supplier Search.

Company NameCompany or Farm certificate, Chain of Custody certificate and/or ASC Logo LicenseSuspension of Farm Certificate by CABSuspension of Chain of Custody Certificate by CABSuspension or termination of Logo Licence AgreementReason
Minh Phu Hau Giang Seafood CorporationASC-C-0054220-Apr-20Has sold non-conforming products and hasn't reported the detection of any non-conforming products in due time in line with the Logo Licence Agreement
Lezita Balik A.Ş.ASC-C-0175615-Apr-20The client does not agree to allow the CAB to hold an audit within the requiredtimeframe specified
JOO LEE IMPORT & EXPORT CO.SDN BHDASC-C-0191601-Apr-20The client has sold products as certified (or under-assessment) which are shown not to be certified (or under assessment)
Seafood Joint Stock Company No. 4 Branch - Dong Tam Fisheries Processing CompanyASC-C-0019524-Mar-20A CAB may suspend or withdraw a certificate for a contractual or administrative reason
Dandong Zhengrun Food Co., Ltd.ASC-C-0245027-Mar-20non compliance with the turnover declaration request
Amfish BVASC-C-0022324-Mar-20non compliance with the turnover declaration request
Plaza Food BVASC-C-0198324-Mar-20non compliance with the turnover declaration request
PESCADOS OLIVER SLASC-C-0229005-Mar-20"Demonstrable breakdown in the Coc caused by the client's actions or inaction"
Hoang Long SeafoodCUP-C822301-ASC-01-2019-PG09-Mar-20at the corresponding annual audit was not received according reasons for actions to ASC requirement 17.15.1.
Guangxi Baijia Food Co. LtdASC-F-SCS-07524-Feb-20It has been brought to SCSs attention that the 1st surveillance audit in 2018 did not include a valid audit of the standards social indicators and further that there was no social auditor present at that audit. Thus, that 2018 reports social indicators are deemed invalid. During the 2019 surveillance audit, there was no planned audit of social indicators as SCS was under the impression that those indicators had been properly audited at the 2018 audit.
CALADEMAR S.ACUP-C855338-ASC-01-2018-SH28-Jan-20The evidence necessary for the closure of the NC's was not presented
CIPRON C. LTDACUP-C855334-ASC-01-2018-SH28-Jan-20The evidence necessary for the closure of the NC's was not presented
Terraquil SACUP-C855337-ASC-01-2018-SH28-Jan-20The evidence necessary for the closure of the NC's was not presented
Empresas AquaChile SACUP-C864314-ASC-01-2019-SL24-Jan-20NC remains open after six months
PT Mustika Minanusa AuroraCUP-C851422-ASC-01-2017-SH15-Jan-20The evidence necessary for the closure of the NC's was not presented
Ikea JapanASC-C-0073212-Dec-1918-Dec-19demonstrable breakdown in the CoC, caused by the client's actions or inactions
Coop Sverige ABASC-C-0144004-Dec-1910-Dec-19The client cannot demonstrate that products labelled or sold as certified are in fact certified
UlticoASC-C-0187403-Dec-19Administrative reasons
Nha Trang Seaproduct CompanyASC-C-0060925-Nov-1925-Nov-19Suspension of the Logo Licence Agreement (3 sites: F17, F90 and F394), partial suspension of the CoC multi-site certificate (CoC of site F17 has been suspended but certificate of F90 and F394 remains valid). Cause of CoC suspension: the client has sold products as certified, which are shown not to be certified (residues of antibiotics were detected). Cause of LLA suspension: not reporting detection of non-conforming products and discrepancies in production data.
Golden State SeafoodASC-C-0141326-Sep-19The client does not agree to an audit within 90 days of the due date
THANH DOAN FISHERIES IMPORT - EXPORT JOINT STOCK COMPANYASC-C-0047530-May-19The presence of antibiotic in shrimp products.
St. Restrup DambrugDK00893405-Jul-19Client did not close major NC in time-frame
Nova Austral S.A.ASC-C-0100312-Jul-1910-Jul-19Logo License Agreement termination due to pending investigations, suspension of all farms due to non-compliance with ASC standard (see details here: )
Choice Canning CompanyASC-F-BVVN-002-IND14-Jun-19Major NCs are still opened after 3 months
Minh Cuong Seafood import Export frozen processingASC-C-0145807-Jun-19Administrative reasons
Febin Marine FoodsASC-F-BVVN-007-IND24-May-19Client did not close major NCs in time-frame
PT Mustika Minanusa AuroraCUP-C851422-ASC-01-2017-SH15-Jan-19Due to not closing NC 5.13 related to the Annual average farm survival rate
Productos del Mar VentisquerosCUP-C857769-ASC-01-2018-SL09-Jan-19Salmon escape
Song Hau Food Processing Joint Stock CorporationASC-F-BVVN-003-VN03-Nov-17CONTRACTUAL ISSUE
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