Expected completion: end of Q1 2018
Contact person: Vân Roetert

The majority of aquaculture globally is done by small to medium sized operations. Therefore it is key to make sure that the ASC’s set up includes possibilities for these farms to adopt the ASC Standards’ requirements. Originally created for single farm audits, the ASC is now adjusting certification requirements to enable groups of farms to also work collectively towards compliance with ASC Standards for responsible aquaculture. These requirements will support a so-called group certification approach.

Last update: 14-11-2017

Project timeline & important dates

This is a tentative timeline of events. Changes may occur in the planning of this project. TAKE SCREENSHOT OF SOURCE WITHOUT RED LINE CORRECTIONS

Public consultation

20 May – 31 July 2016: Public consultation on the working draft of the Group Certification Methodology

With endorsement of the Technical Working Group, the public consultation period of the Group Certification Methodology is now extended from 20 June 2016 to 31 July 2016 to allow for more comments from stakeholders to be shared.

In parallel, seven (7) groups of producers growing rainbow trout and shrimp, and two (2) ASC accredited Conformity Assessment Bodies (CABs) have been pilot testing the draft methodology in Bangladesh, Finland, Indonesia and Vietnam.

The consultation package includes:

  1. ASC Group Certification Proposal (overview, NOT for consultation)
  2. ASC Requirements for the Certification of Producer Groups
  3. Changes to the Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR) for Group Certification_Annex F for CABs
  4. CARv.2.0_Audit report template including Group Certificaiton repaired (2 new tabs highlighted in turquoise)
  5. ASC Group Certification_Public comment form

For submitting comments, please use the last listed document – ASC Group Certification_Public comment form and send it to  standards@asc-aqua.org.

This comment form includes 2 worksheets and one Cover page that has space for general comments.

Once the public consultation period is closed, all received comments will be published on the ASC website with the name of the organisations that have submitted comments, no personal names will be mentioned.

Technical Working Group


Below you can find the composition of the Technical Working Group (TAG) on Group Certification:


  • Henk Peters (Oxfam Novib)
  • Aldin Hilbrands (Individual)
  • Chadag Vishnumurthy Mohan (Individual)
  • Daniel Knoop (Solidaridad)


  • Dominique Gautier (Sea Farms)

Service providers

  • Efrain Calderon (Individual)
  • Boris Sulzberger (ASI)

Update 05 January 2016 – the Technical Working Group is now completed with two new members from Solidaridad and Control Union Peru. The TOR for the project is updated (v.1.1) to reflect this development.


Terms of Reference (TOR):

For Group Certification project:

For pilot audits:



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