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The ASC has embarked upon a Metrics Methodology project to create transparency and consistency into the ‘metric’ standard-setting dimension of the ASC standards. The ‘Baseline’ Methodology document issued for a 62-day public consultation (March 2 – May 2, 2020)See the documents below — is applicable to all species-specific metrics and aims to provide minimum requirements for setting and/or revising metrics within any of the ASC standards. The ASC Metrics Methodology will also be applicable to the ASC Farm Standard once the Alignment Project is completed.

ASC specifically seeks stakeholder feedback on two dimensions of the ‘Baseline’ Methodology document (listed below). Furthermore, stakeholders are encouraged to provide any general feedback which they deem fit.

The Metric Methodology consultation period is also linked to that of the Shrimp Revision ; which also includes some documents referring to specific ‘metrics’.

The ASC would particularly welcome feedback on the following dimensions of the Methodology:

i. ‘Relevant Data’…

Data from certified farms (where applicable), non-certified farms and research studies will be consulted for revision and/or setting of new metrics.

  • Is there any other type of data that should be considered as relevant for this purpose or do you consider any of the mentioned types of data as irrelevant? If so, please provide an explanation as to why you think that a certain type of data should not be included in the metric setting approach.

 ii. Statistical Analysis

The current version of the ASC Metrics Methodology states that “data will be checked for normal distribution and homogeneity of variance” although a Gauss distribution can not necessarily be expected, especially for survival rates in highly technical systems. However, homoscedasticity is assumed to determine the sample size for non-certified farms (within revision of metrics, based on data from certified farms and literature).

We welcome feedback from all stakeholders regarding this specific point and the general approach taken re. statistical analysis.

Next steps… Metrics-related Shrimp Standard Revisions will be ready for our next public consultation in August 2020.

For more information, contact Kathrin Steinberg, PhD, ASC Performance Data Coordinator.

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Public consultation period

March 2 - May 2, 2020
Status: Open

Metrics - Consultation documents

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