For Farms (ASC Farm Standards)

  1. Carefully read the relevant, species-specific standard’s pre-audit checklist! It lists all requirements a farm must meet prior to an audit.
  2. Farm contacts ASC-accredited CAB2 (check: – CAB sends information to farm.*
  3. Farm contracts ASC-accredited CAB. ASC strongly recommends asking more than 1 certifier to submit quotes for the work.
  4. CAB informs ASC & ASI about planned audit (by using Form 3 of the Certification and Accreditation Requirements (CAR)) min. 30 days before audit; CAB shall inform updates  within 5 days after any changes.
  5. ASC publishes audit date at (Max. 3 days after being informed by CAB) to allow stakeholders to indicate their interest to be heard in audit process.
  6. CAB sends audit information to farm.
  7. CAB collects and lists all relevant stakeholders.
  8. CAB assesses farm (includes receiving input from stakeholders).
  9. CAB responds in writing to involved stakeholders how each stakeholder’s comments were addressed.
  10. CAB processes audit findings & sends draft report to ASC.
  11. ASC publishes draft report at within 5 days after receiving the document from the CAB.
  12. Stakeholders can react to draft report (15 days) by addressing the CAB direct.
  13. CAB processes stakeholder input.
  14. CAB’s takes certification decision:
    • compliant (certified)
    • not (yet) compliant (not (yet) certified) – Based on level of non-compliancy, CAB and client can agree on a time-bound improvement plan
  15. CAB sends final certification report and certificate to ASC
  16. ASC publishes certification report and certificate  at


*Please note: ASC does not determine the cost of certification. To receive a quote for certification, please contact the accredited CABs listed at

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