Read the steps below if you are interested in the ASC certification: 

  1. Carefully read the ASC Feed Standard and the ASC Feed Certification Requirements for Unit of Certification (RUoC).
  2. Feed mill contacts ASC accredited CAB* (Find a CAB on the ASI website) – CAB sends information to feed mill.
  3. Feed mill contracts ASC accredited CAB. ASC strongly recommends asking more than one CAB for a quotation.
  4. ASC and ASI are notified about the CABs planned audit (via the ASC Database) min. 42 days before audit; CAB shall upload any updates within 7 days of any changes.
  5. ASC publishes the audit date on the Find a Farm/Mill page (within 5 days of being informed by CAB) to allow stakeholders to indicate their interest in the audit process. 
  6. CAB sends audit information to feed mill. 
  7. CAB collects and lists all relevant stakeholders. 
  8. CAB conducts audit preparation and planning.  
  9. CAB conducts the audit (includes receiving input from stakeholders) and presents audit findings to the feed mill.  
  10. Within 42 days of audit completion, the CAB completes the draft audit report and uploads to the ASC database. 
  11. ASC publishes the draft report on the Find a Farm/Mill page within 7 daysof receipt from the CAB. 
  12. Stakeholders have 21 days to submit comments on the draft report directly to the CAB.
  13. CAB reviews and (where required) responds to stakeholder input. 
  14. CAB takes certification decision: The CAB will consider all audit evidence when taking certification decisions including stakeholder input.  
  15. CAB uploads final certification report and certificate to ASC database within 28 days of the close of stakeholder comment period. 
  16. ASC publishes certification report and certificate in the Find a Farm/Mill page. 

*ASC does not determine the cost of certification. To receive a quote for certification, please contact the accredited CABs listed here. 

Please note that CABs are currently undergoing the accreditation process for the Feed Standard. The website will be updated once this process is complete. You will see on the website CABs who are in application for scope extension. 

**Days referenced are Calendar Days 

Effective period

Following the release of the ASC Feed CAR and RUoC on July 14th 2022, the CAB accreditation process can begin and feed mills can begin to implement the requirements of the Feed RUoC document. A 6-month implementation timeframe for these new requirements is provided to CABs and applicant feed mills. The ASC Feed CAR and RUoC will become effective from January 14th 2023.

Additional Feed CAR related documents

A number of excel based auditor tools will be used in addition to the Feed CAR & RUoC documents. The following documents are currently under construction and will be published on this page once finalised:

  • Annex F – Due Diligence Sampling Calculator
  • Annex G – Desk Review template
  • Annex H – Social Audit Risk Assessment.

Feed mill Data Submission 

Through the ASC certification process, potential and current certificate holders submit data as evidence of conformance with ASC requirements and for the purpose of transparency under the ASC certification programme. ASC manages and utilizes these non-personal data on social and environmental performance for monitoring and evaluation and review and revision of our certification and assurance programmes.  

ASC adheres to strict processes in the privacy (ASC Privacy Policy) and protection (ASC GDPR Data Protection Policy) of personal data. ASC may share non-personal data in aggregate for research purposes; personal data of any kind are never shared. 

Confidental Infomation